• -23%

    (Pack Of 5) Soap Saver – Automatically Draining Soap Bar Holder Rs.1500+200 delivery charges

    0 out of 5


    Fulfill your bathroom and kitchen’s functional and aesthetic needs all at the same time. Now, soap can dry quicker by letting excess water drain away, extending the life of your favorite bar soap!

    Soap Saver – Automatically Draining Soap Bar Holder

    2,200 1,700
  • -50%

    (Pack of 6) Plastic 9 Hole Hanger Hanging hook

    0 out of 5

    PACK OF  12- 1400/- 


    Full-width gripping grooves, carefully formed to eliminate shoulder bumps.
    Great for providing convenient storage and organization of coordinating suits.
    Good Slip Resistance – Will increase the friction between the hangers and clothes to protect your clothes from slipping.
    Our space saving coat hangers will optimize the space on your clothes rail instead of cluttering in.
    It is beautiful, durable, convenient and flexible in use these hangers can hang clothes in their natural form.

    2,000 1,000
  • -50%

    2 In 1 Ground and Flight RC Flying Motorcycle

    0 out of 5

    Main Features:
    ● Body battery: built-in 300mAh
    ● Remote control battery: 3 x AAA ( not included )
    ● Charging time: about 60 minutes
    ● Remote control distance: 30 meters flight distance, 25 meters above ground

    5,000 2,500
  • -43%

    2 Pairs : Moisturizing No Show Socks – Gel Boat Socks for Dry Cracked Feet Socks for Relieve Heel Pain Rs1500+200 delivery charges

    0 out of 5
    • MADE FOR WOMEN – Our best no show gel socks fit US women’s shoe sizes 5 to 7 (nylon 80%, spandex 20%; TPR-gel 100%)
    • WHAT YOU NEED: Are you searching for socks that are not visible from the shoes and protect your back? Do you like wearing high heels, but your feet hurt? Coyom anti-shock socks are perfect the solution for your look and health!
    • IMPROVE YOUR BODY WELLBEING: When you standing up many hours per day, your body suffers and you feel pain in the back, knees or hips. Thanks to the soft gel that they contain, these therapeutic socks reduce forefoot and heel pressure and foot fatigue!
    • DISCREET DESIGN: Do you want to look stylish or elegant and keep yourself comfortable in your footwear? These no-show socks are ideal if you don’t want them to be observed from your elegant shoes or if your wear low cut sneakers.
    • ANTI-SLIP AND VERSATILE: Some shoes have a slippery interior part, so you have to walk carefully while wearing them. Coyom low-cut socks prevent you from slipping off. Plus, you can wear them with any type of footwear – sports, elegant or casual.
    3,000 1,700
  • -23%

    2 Pieces Wall Mounted Cereal Dispenser – 1 KG Rs.2500+200 delivery charges

    0 out of 5

    Material: ABS + PS
    Size: 9.5 x 11.5 x 19.5 cm Approx.
    Capacity: 1000g (1 KG)
    Colour: White
    Net Weight: 336g
    Package Included: 2x Wall Mounted Cereal Dispenser – 1 KG

    3,500 2,700
  • -42%

    3 PAIR Heel Socks Moisturizing Silicone Gel Rs.1250+200 delivery charges

    0 out of 5
    • Silicone moisturizing gel Heel Socks for cracked heel
    • Washable, soft medical silicone, non-toxic
    • Material medical grade silicone, help prevent dry skin protect the skin against peeling and cracking
    • Each non branded polybag packing will have 2 pcs equal to 1 pair
    • You should not walk while the socks are worn as it might damage the socks
    2,500 1,450
  • 3D Foam Brick Wallpaper Stickers+200 DELIVERY CHARGES

    0 out of 5

    Pack of 4 @ Rs. 2050+200 delivery charges (22.5 Sqaure Feet)
    👍 Pack of 8 @ Rs. 3700+200 delivery charges (45 Sqaure Feet)
    👍 Pack of 12 @ Rs. 5400+200 delivery charges (67.5 Sqaure Feet)
    👍 Pack of 16 @ Rs. 7000+200 delivery charges (90 Sqaure Feet)

    Material: PE Foam Sticker Base
    Pattern: Brick
    Application Type: Self-adhesive
    Washable: Yes
    Heatproof: No
    Size: 30″ x 27″ Inches (70 x 77 cm)
    Colour: White
    Package Included: 3x 3D Foam Brick Wallpaper Sticker Sheets

    Note: Keep the wall dry, Long term seepage of wall will affect the sticker life of the product. Do not use sharp objects to destroy the wall, this will affect the overall appearance.


  • -44%

    3D Magic LED Drawing Board Rs.2300+200 delivery charges

    0 out of 5
    Package Include :
    1×Transparent Drawing Board
    1× Drawing Board Display Holder
    1×Wipe Board Cloth
    1×3D Glasses
    4×Elastic-type highlighter Pen
    3× Pattern Paper(6 sets of paintings)
    4,500 2,500
  • -40%

    AMAZING STUNT CAR Rs 2500+200 delivery charges

    0 out of 5

    Frequency: 2.4G
    Charging way: USB charge
    Charging time: About 50mins
    Control distance: 20m
    Car battery: 3.7V  lipo battery
    Transmitter battery: 2 x AAA battery ( not included )
    Function:360 degree rotation.

    4,500 2,700
  • -33%

    Anti-lice Machine Rs.1800+200 delivery charges

    0 out of 5
    3,000 2,000
  • -25%

    Atomic Zapper

    0 out of 5

    1 PC 1500 | 2 PCs 2000

    • No installation is required to use. Just plug in and it’s ready to use
    • Safe for Humans and pets
    • High-Frequency ultrasonic soundwaves drive bugs & pests away for good
    • 2-In-1 Ultrasonic Pest Repeller and flying insect zapper
    2,000 1,500
  • -47%

    Auto Soap Long Handle Dish & Sink Brush Set

    0 out of 5


    Key Features

    • Convenient to clean utensils
    • Saves time and effort
    • Controlled soap dispensing
    1,900 1,000